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We are pleased to announce that soon we will be opening our doors for the amazing folks of our community to mint the first chord of VXI Bills. To know more about the bills, visit our Vexillum Bills Vault. Stay Tuned!

Vexillum Treasury has launched and made its Official Community Platform – VTS Chambers open for everyone to experience what is to come while also enjoying the great activities already there! This is a Beta (v1) Release & Open for All. We will soon migrate VTSC to a Member-Only, Upgraded Version (v2.0) of the Platform. Not just the platform but the fun will upgrade too possibly by 100x.

Badges, Vexillum Bills and Vexillonains Dragons are made available for Free for some lucky winners of the Giveaway contest…

Vexillum Treasury opened its website for everyone to see, observe and learn more about what we are trying to build and accordingly decide to participate.

First look of the Vexillum Collectibles mainly including the bills and dragons are now available to be viewed publicly. Click below to view vaults & dragons:

After a long process of ideation the Vexillum Treasury and its objectives were announced to the world.

This is our official update page featuring all the latest updates from the Vexillum Treasury and its assets. Stay Tuned for more.