The Curious Case of A Goldie

Once a Vexillonian Dragon was flying across the realms of a cyberverse and he happened to discover a circle made up of seven pillars of dragon-forged strykanium and erect on a historically strong mountain. It was dark, he could barely understand what those pillars meant. So, he decided to light them up. He breathed flame into the circle and to his surprise, nobody occupied it. He couldn’t let it be that way so that day, he cast a spell there. He roared, “Whosoever shall stand within this circle marked by Vexillonian fire shall be bestowed with the honor of representing every Vexillonian in the world.” It is since then that we created the Golden Vexillonain Circle (GVC) and named every Golden Vexillonian as “Goldie.” There’s more to the GVC than a historically significant story.

Golden Vexillonian Circle

What is the Golden Vexillonain Circle (GVC)?

The Golden Vexillonian Circle is a 7-member body of Vexillum Treasury’s First Level Representatives appointed and designated to ensure that every member of the community is heard and represented. This is not a governance structure but a group of influential folks dedicated to serving the best interests of the community while ensuring comprehensive project growth. Each Goldie is bestowed with scalable rights and incentives to ensure that they have all that they need to foster a true FUD inside the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate.

Who is a part of the GVC?

Golden Vexillonians aka “Goldies” are the ones who hold the most influence in the community and are champions in leading community-driven initiatives. The first circle of Goldies is appointed by the Vexillum Treasury based on the love they have received from the NFT Community in addition to their interest, passion, and presence in the NFT domain. After the term of the first circle expires, the members of the GVC or “Goldies” will be picked by the community through a fair voting system. The idea is to bring together a group of remarkable people who can not only represent the community but also write the future along with them. The GVC is not who sits on the seat or who has the gold tag, the GVC is an idea. A vision for an unsilencable community representation.

What do they do?

Every member of the Circle benefits greatly from the collective effort of the Circle and the larger community itself. Sharing followers and loyalists, diversity of opinions, added voting opportunities, strong ideological movements, and the overall effort to pioneer an entire industry. We believe our Golden Vexillonian must be recognized for the efforts and dedication they portray towards the community and that is best achieved by ensuring that the followers and loyalists of each of the Golden Vexillonian come together to support each other and the people who lead them. Goldies can organize meetups, publish content for the community, represent the community in the media. They can host giveaways, events, parties and so much more. All this in addition to the rights their Vexillonian Level gives them. Pretty amazing, eh?

How does it benefit the community?

There is no way we could actively hear the opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings of every Vexillonian. We believe that having a vote and feedback box is not enough. So we introduced the GVC to ensure that every member is heard and felt included. This structure must not be confused with a bureaucratic amalgamation but an aggregation of ideologies. It is our conscious effort to maintain diversity of thought and invite the best ideas forward through appropriate representational channels. Vexillum Treasury was concocted to be a decentralized meritocracy and we will always ensure that the best ideas win. As well as every person is heard and acknowledged by our Golden Vexillonians. This is a community of kinship and not just economic benefits.

What makes it different from others?

We were already different when we started. Nobody else offered a special multimedia platform for the community. Nobody provides incentives to delve deeper in the community and definitely, nobody has a set of influential representatives of the people. Having a DAO or a Discord is not called having a community. A good community is where people come together to do great things and defend what they hold close to their chest. All in all, the GVC is a binding force in the community. It is the glue that holds ideologies and opinions together. No community comes close to doing this for their people. NOBODY!

If you are reading this then either you are a vexillonian or a goldie. If you are a Goldie, you know how significant you are in taking the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate forward. If you are an L1 to L5 Vexillonian, you know you are represented, heard, valued and have a bright future with us. Rage! Rage! Vexillonians!



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