Strykanium Metal

Strykanium Metal will be the second vault of the Vexillum Treasury. It will contain bars of the incredible metal in unique settings and unique quantities. It will provide for a holding mechanism for value and as an appreciation to the overall value of the project. The Strykanium Metal Vault is all set to woo you – Stay Tuned to Know More!

Strykanium Bar

Expected in 2022...


Color: Rose Silver
Heat Interaction: Melts at 2400°C & Boils at 4320°C
Density: High
Flexibility: Moderate Malleability & Ductility
Conduction: Good Conductor of Heat & Electricity

Priced At
$1,510,340/Ton or $20,410/bar

*The Pricing is Tentative and Subject to Market Conditions & Appreciation.