Project Roadmap


Join the Syndicate of the Dragons.

Vault 1 of the Treasury is Opened

VXI Bills are made available for minting


Welcome to Your New Home

Discord will be available exclusively for the Vexillonians.


Launch VTS Chambers

Access the Community Platform for Neo Cyber Realism: Games, Immersive Music, Rewards and More….


It’s Always Christmas for the Good Vexillonians!

Rewards & Badges

Gifts and Offers for Early Members and Engagers of the Syndicate. Exclusive Status Badges with Distinctive Powers and Benefits are given out for completing varied syndicate tasks.

VTS Chambers v2.0 Release

The v2.0 of the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers will be released. It will be available to MEMBERS ONLY barring any open access.


Every owner of a VXI Asset will receive a complimentary Neo Super Force Warrior (NSFW) NFT. High on art, value, appeal and pride. All for you!


The Metaphysical Integration


Framed Physical VXI Bills, Posters, Project Related Digital, and Physical Toys, VXI Music CDs, Vexillum Beverage Products, and a lot of many things….


Limited edition T-Shirts and Hoodies with Exclusive Clothing line and Reselling Rights for High-Level Members.


Expansion & Vexillum Festivals


Complete Minting of all Vexillum Vaults will be celebrated via FREE Giveaways for everyone!

Community Festival

New missions will be updated on the community channels and the future of the project will be laid out in front of all the members. The community will enter into a massive transformation which will bring a revolution in the NFT Space.

VXI Asset Repurchase

The treasury will initiate the repurchase of certain VXI assets for specific member levels to infuse liquidity in the market and maintain value stability.


Wealth Creation Summit

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

VXI  Treasury will create various purpose-driven DAOs where a large group of people can come together to discuss ideas, vote, collaborate and execute the visions of the future, all systemized and managed via a dedicated platform and culture.


Loyalty Cashbacks

Beyond price appreciations and usual trades, Vexillum Treasury will give random loyalty-based cashback to members of the community for their continued support and dedication.


DeFi Functions

The syndicate will lead efforts to create various DAO-led initiatives involving staking, alternate investments, buybacks, etc. Money in the hands of the community, for the community.


The Path of Glory


Introduction of a metaverse for Socializing, Art, and Music.


Asset Exchange

Building Asset Valuators and Initiating the Vexillum Exclusive exchange platform for liquidating and trading Vexillum Collectibles.



Collaborate with Famous brands, Initiate Private Label Products in partnership with niche manufacturers, etc.

Oh! There's Much More To Come...

Asset Progression Roadmap

Vault 1: Vexillum Bills

  • Chord 1: 3,036 Vexillum Bills Available to be Minted from the Total Inventory.
  • Chord 2: 3,036 Vexillum Bills deployed from the balance within 60 days of the full sale of the previous chord.
  • Chord 3: 3,051 remainder Vexillum Bills deployed within the next 30 days of the full sale of Chord 2.


Vault 2: Strykanium Metal

  • Extraction 1: 50% of Total Strykanium Bars Mined & Minted within 30 days after all VXI Bills are minted.
  • Extraction 2: 50% of Total Strykanium Bars Mined & Minted within 30 days of Extraction 1 being fully minted.


The progression schedule for Other Vaults will soon be updated. You can catch all the updates here.

VXI Vault