Media Kit

We know you’d love to cover our amazing journey and be a part of forwarding our vision. It is vital that you do it right for the sake of our reputation and the interest of our community. For this very reason, we curated this page with guidelines and resources to get you going and add value to your coverage.

We advise you to follow these:

  • Use these graphics to link to our website.
  • Use these graphics when mentioning our project or parent company in an article or post.
  • Use these graphics to add us as your clients to your website or portfolios.



We advise you not to do these:

  • Use these graphics to brand your own Mobile application or any other digital media form.
  • Manipulate the logos or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with our company.
  • Use any other non provided information on our site without proper permission.



*The proportions and angles of our logo was crafted by God himself with his mighty pen tool

Asset Usage Guidelines:

  • You completely use the assets without any change in the transformation of scale or color (unless needed).
  • Do not overlap or blend it over any imagery, The use case must be clearly visible.
  • Make sure you upload with the necessary image size so that it appears clear and not pixelated.
  • Do not change the color of our logo to any other than #000000 or #ffffff. Also, do not change the color or style of any of our other assets.

Media Resources

Click on the buttons below to access and download media resources:

Now sure about the usage of our brand assets?