NFTs for Cyber Escapism

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Vexillum Bills
Current Supply
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Our Futuristic Vision

The Genesis of Cyber Utopia

Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers

Vexillum Treasury is an NFT Project that is believed to be the genesis of Cyber Utopia. It is a multi-asset project which lets you enter a civilization of minds in cyberspace where members can lose themselves to a utopian reality while also being commercially rewarded. Like Gods, the project will be creating a new cyber-universe for contemporary communities beginning with the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers (VTSC). A dimensionless factory of opportunities for drafting the future and cherishing the present.


Embrace the Dragon Mentality

The Vexillum Treasury Syndicate is the community where members Explore, Pitch, Think and Co-Create the transient dimensions of the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers. From launching new games, producing immersive music, launching new crypto-projects to innovating a new metaverse version, it all happens here!

Bills Vault

Not for Everyone

VAULT 1 – Vexillum Bills

Vexillum Bills are a collection of 9,123 Currency Bills as Contemporary Art NFTs that let you be part of community-based cyberspace – The Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers. Each bill is inherently unique and rare as per its denomination, series, material, featured character, sequence number, and color pattern. Every Denomination is priced differently and has a sense of peculiarity and individuality. Imagine having a unique alphanumeric code all for yourself that grants you entry to the future. The bills are minted as ERC-721 Token on Polygon Blockchain and are developed digitally using a hybrid technique and stored on IPFS.

A Roadmap To Die For...

The English language is inadequate in expressing our vision for the future but here’s what we have in store for you…

✅ 0% – Join the Syndicate of the Dragons

Welcome to the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate. You are now a Vexillonian Dragon with the purpose to co-create a Cyberspace for passing time, everything fun and future building.

20% –  Release PFP NFTs: NSFW

The project is built around a massive task-based incentive mechanism through which you will be rewarded every now and then. Moreover, every VXI Bill Owner will be able to Mint an NSFW(Neo Super Force Warriors). VTSC version 2 will be unleashed.

40% – The Metaphysical Integration

Merch and Toy Shop is launched with limited supply pieces and offers for High-level Vexillonians and Early Joiners.

60% – Expansion & Vexillum Festival

Inventories from all Vaults of the Treasury will be minted. This event will be celebrated with Gratifying rewards and digital and physical festivals.

80% – Wealth Creation Peak

A dedicated platform for purpose-led DAO’s will be announced. Enhanced Defi
Functions will be added to the community.

100% – The Path of Glory

New community objectives will be initiated. The creation of exclusive Metaverse and expansion of partnerships will take place.

Learn more about what these milestones mean on our roadmap page.

Levels That Get You High on Profits

Owning a particular amount of VXI collectibles guarantees you a Vexillonian Level within the community. Higher Levels Indicate:

  • More and More Incentives
  • Unique Rights
  • Loyalty Cashbacks
  • Discounts on Limited-Edition Items in the Vexillum Merchandise Store
  • Exclusive Access to Community Functions
  • Community Influence and Status
Vexillonian Levels

Guardians of the Treasury

Although each Vexillonian Dragon is unique and can be used on profiles. They’re mainly here to be the sign of cross, a symbol for your dragon-hood membership of the community.
The Vexillum Treasury Project will be launching its PFP NFTs soon as per the roadmap, which will be as unique, cool and aesthetic as it can be. Its gonna be a gas!

Vexillonian Dragons are unique digital collectibles by CosDec Labs – the creators of the Vexillum Treasury. A Vexillonian Dragon is a majestic & frightening guardian of the Vexillum Treasury and serves as a symbol of protection, power, and fortune. They are usually packaged along with Vexillum Bills NFT but can also be acquired Individually. Who better to guard the treasury than a dragon, eh?

Vexillonian Dragon

The Vaults of The Treasury

Vexillum Bills


Expected Early’22

Coins Vault

Vexillum Coins

Expected Late ’22

VXI Gems Vault

Precious Gems

Expected 2023

Mystery Vault

Mystery Vault

Reveal in 2022


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