Golden Vexillonian Circle

Golden Vexillonian Circle

The Golden Vexillonian Circle is a 7-member body of Vexillum Treasury’s First Level Representatives appointed and designated to ensure that every member of the community is heard and represented. Golden Vexillonians aka “Goldies” are the ones who hold the most influence in the community and are champions in leading community-driven initiatives. This is not a governance structure but a group of influential folks dedicated to serving the best interests of the community while ensuring comprehensive project growth. Each Goldie is bestowed with scalable rights and incentives to ensure that they have all that they need to foster a true FUD inside the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate.

Special Rights & Rewards

Priority Access

Exclusive Circle

Every member of the Circle benefits greatly from the collective effort of the Circle and the larger community itself. Sharing followers and loyalists, diversity of opinions, added voting opportunities, strong ideological movements, and the overall effort to pioneer an entire industry. We believe our Golden Vexillonian must be recognized for the efforts and dedication they portray towards the community and that is best achieved by ensuring that the followers and loyalists of each of the Golden Vexillonian come together to support each other and the people who lead them. This structure must not be confused with a bureaucratic amalgamation but an aggregation of ideologies. It is our conscious effort to maintain diversity of thought and invite the best ideas forward through appropriate representational channels. Vexillum Treasury was concocted to be a decentralized meritocracy and we will always ensure that the best ideas win. As well as every person is heard and acknowledged by our Golden Vexillonians. This is a community of kinship and not just economic benefits.


First Circle: Private Invite by Vexillum Treasury, Influential Position in the NFT Community, Appropriate Skills & Competencies.


Second Circle Onwards: Structured Election by the Community.


Member Seats: Seven (7)

Member Term: 1 Year

Member Title: Golden Vexillonian (or Goldie)

Buy-In Cost: None

Economic Benefits: Worth up to $5 Million


  • Dragon Lieutenant (L2)
  • Content Publication Rights (2 Videos & 8 Images/mo)
  • Media Coverage, Mentions & Interviews
  • Event Moderation Rights
  • Cyberspace Portfolio Duties
  • Authorized Giveaways
  • Promotional Freedom
  • Dedicated Chamber in Cyberspace
  • Discord Channel Leadership
  • Partymaker & Meetups Rights
  • Early Access to Chambers, Merchandise, Mints, Defi Functions, etc.
  • 6x Vote Weightage in DAOs
  • Art Naming
  • Community Referendum
  • Idea Preference
  • Fund Buy-in
  • Auto-Whitelist
  • Access to All Events
  • Asset Listing on VXI Exchange
  • Project Verification
  • Community Goodwill
  • Other Rights as per Level


  • VXI 1 Mn Bill
  • 2 Vexillonian Dragons
  • Free NSFW PFP
  • 5% Cashbacks on Al Vault Releases during the Term.
  • Evangelism Benefits up to 10 ETH
  • Guaranteed Loyalty Cashback
  • Golden Vexillonian NFT Badges
  • Priority Asset Repurchase
  • Other Level-based Rewards
  • Annual Consultation Pay

Apply to be a Goldie

Fill the form below to apply. We are processing a lot of quality applications for the 7 GVC seats. For GVC 1, The final board will be constructed on founders’ call based on the effectiveness & influence of the applicant of the community