Frequently Asked Question

About The Vexillum Treasury

CosDec Labs is the company behind Vexillum Treasury. CosDec Labs creates and funds projects that bring forward disruptive products to the new decentralized economy on the standing pillars of - Uniqueness, Utility, Rarity, More Power to Ownership, Community, Transparency, and Compatibility. The founders of the Cosdec Labs remain active promoters of the brand.

Vexillum Treasury soon plans to be the standalone gold class of digibles. The world will soon reach a point where digital collectibles are viewed as distinct and important assets for the diversification of portfolios. Currently, extreme volatility turns investors away. With a stable value, creative and technological prowess and a vision vexillum treasury is making it possible to not just hold trusted digital assets in hand but also be able to value them, exchange them for other nfts, liquidate them or rent them.

CosDec Labs is an Invention and Innovation department for the modern decentralized economy. CosDec is here to get things really interesting for the digital world. By advocating the powers of technology, finance, and creativity they’re are pioneering the next version of the virtual economy. The current version of the decentralized world is in its raw form but displays all signs of what’s next to come and they are here to build it. While others are blindly entering markets based on active trends and hype, cosdec is interrogating this one question - “Beyond foreseen bubbles and pitfalls what’s going to be left of these technologies that are actually going to run the world for a long time to come?”

It will take about 2 years for it to realize its initial merit by bringing the first lineup of digibles to the marketplace. After which, the Vexillum Project will keep on running through its futuristic models for the industry. In short, it’s not a project that stops rather it’s a project that believes in reinventing the wheel every now and then.

Vexillum Treasury is valued and trusted by Investors and famous individuals. However, the project believes in community support more than anything else. A free market is supposed to allocate resources and interest on the basis of merit and competitiveness. Hence, Vexillum Treasury leaves it up to the community to decide who it is.

It’s believed that Vexillum Treasury will soon be one of the most valuable NFTs to exist. CosDec Labs in a public release stated that their main consideration while developing Vexillum Treasury Project was to right the wrongs of the current ongoing projects operated by the others. A lot of people are scared to enter the NFT markets given its risk, high volatility, instability, and lack of accountability. Vexillum Treasury is collaborating with artists, tech experts, and financial geniuses to create something so unique that it could just prove out to be Alibaba’s cave.

The whole point for the existence of blockchain is so as to create a trust bases consensus system. Although that solves doubts to a certain extent, the Vexillum team constantly stays in touch with their community, solving any and every issue that might be faced. Furthermore, clear objectives and roadmaps are showcased on the website, and transparency is attenuated to by giving daily updates regarding the successes and failures.

You Own the NFT. Each Vexillum Bill is an NFT on the Polygon blockchain. When you purchase an NFT, you own the underlying Vexillum Bill, the Art, the Asset, completely. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Polygon Network: at no point may Vexillum seize, freeze, or otherwise modify the ownership of any bill.

We're the only creators and issuing authority of Vexillum Bills and other assets. You can either buy from us or from someone who already owns one of the VXI assets. Who else will you buy from? God?

Vexillum tokens is minted on the Polygon Blockchain. Therefore, you’ll need MetaMask Wallet before you start buying VXI Bills NFTs on OpenSea or Mint them on Our Site. Unlike Bitcoin networks, the Ethereum & Polygon Network deploys smart contracts that store important token data to help complete a transaction.

Nope. It’s not a treasury created by the government nor is it attempting to challenge the authorities and powers of the government. Vexillum Treasury however does follow the workings of a treasury and uses digibles (Digital Collectibles) as its currency. The decentralized economy is all about creating systems that don’t require a central control unit, similarly, a lot of Vexillum Treasury powers will be given literally by the people. “The community is the power”.

Vexillum Treasury believes in conscious control while spreading the ropes of authority in hands of widely spread bases. A self-reinforcing effect is thus seen in all the processes. “Do Good and Good things will happen to you” is truer than over for Vexillum Treasury.

The Governor and the Supereme Power of the Vexillum Treasury.

Vexillonian Dragons are unique digital collectibles by CosDec Labs - the creators of the Vexillum Treasury. A Vexillonian Dragon is a majestic & frightening guardian of the Vexillum Treasury and serves as a symbol of protection, power, and fortune. They are usually packaged along with Vexillum Bills NFT but can also be acquired Individually. Vexillum Treasury is a treasury project for the world of digital collectible consisting of objects like rare metals, precious gems, coins, and unique bills. Who better to guard it than a dragon?

Vexillum Treasury Syndicate (VTS) is a Community that brings together the best of NFT Investing, Equitable Wealth Creation, DAO-led Business Practices, Fun & Entertainment, Rewards, and a vision for the future of the cyber-world. Being a member of the VTS is not all business but a lot more fun. You can play games, get paid to travel, host & attend parties, listen to music, entertain yourself, avail rewards, and so much more. With a novel vision and an unparalleled determination to grow the NFT space, the VTS is a group of extraordinary people who can change the course of the future.  There is no place you would rather be than the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate. There is no bigger glory you would rather have. The NFT assets issued by the treasury are nothing but a gateway to this glory. As for the size, that's ever growing!

Vexillonian Levels are a designated determinant of your standing in the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate and your identity in the larger NFT world. They signify the status of a member in our community as well as the world overall. We believe that every member of the community is different in some form and so is their commitment to the project. In order to create an equitable society where the people are rewarded based on their commitment and belief in the project, we introduced 5 levels of being a Vexillonian Dragon. Each level is pegged to the value of your VXI assets and changes along with it. The more you own, the more you do, the more you conquer, the higher your level. With each level comes a set of rights and rewards and keeps getting better up the road. In all, you can make upto 200x the value you invested by simply holding a VXI asset. When you trade, that’s a different value appreciation altogether. The utility of this model is simple - the best man wins. We want to create a community where the best people drive the project forward while considering the vote and expectations of everyone in the community. These levels don’t just determine your status in the VXI Community but shape your identity in the NFT Space. If that’s not novel, we don’t know what is. Learn more about levels here.

The Golden Vexillonian Circle is a 7-member body of Vexillum Treasury’s First Level Representatives appointed and designated to ensure that every member of the community is heard and represented. Golden Vexillonians aka “Goldies” are the ones who hold the most influence in the community and are champions in leading community-driven initiatives. This is not a governance structure but a group of influential folks dedicated to serving the best interests of the community while ensuring comprehensive project growth. Each Goldie is bestowed with scalable rights and incentives to ensure that they have all that they need to foster a true FUD inside the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate.

You can join our community - also known as the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate - on our community platform, VTS Chambers, or check out our Community Page and join us on Social Media platforms. Rumor has it that our Discord is just 🔥 lit!

Vexillum Treasury is ultimately something of immense benefit to the players residing in the digital space. Since its a people oriented project everyone is in this together! To move forward achieving the milestones set in the roadmap everyone needs to be a part of a culture of habits, values and extraordinary perspectives. Vexillum Oath is just a reminder of it, its an initiation into the new something. If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. In our thoughts and words, we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. The oath is one about strengths.

Tattoos are always a personal preference and we woudnt stop you if you wanted to get one! Vexillum’s  personality is about the digital generation; imagination; liberty regained; innovation; passion; ambitions of the future, dreams, and aspirations; and power to the people through technology. The Vexillum image  is also about involving pop culture into the fundamentals of values.

The name “Vexillum” stands for the Latin word “ensign”. Vexillum is indeed crafted for people and to a great extent, by people. Hence, Vexillum Treasury is the ensign of the people. The modern version of digital space is decentralized in almost all aspects and aims to be so, however, there have to be players who stand up and take the charge of knowing, undertaking the happenings of the industry, and then taking the charge of the right direction. More than anything Vexillum is a movement!

About The Vexillum Bills

Vexillum Treasury is a collection of 9,123 innovative and eye-catching NFT Bills with uniquely maneuvered categories symbolized by rare specificities and that’s not even the main part. Vexillum Treasury is a whole new systemic asset framework in itself, pioneered by the integration of creativity, digital ledger technology, economics, and social finance. These VXI Bills will have utility that far reaches beyond the imagination of the current collectibles out there.

CosDec Labs is the company behind Vexillum Treasury. CosDec Labs creates and funds projects that bring forward disruptive products to the new decentralized economy.

The bills are stored as ERC-721 on Polygon Blockchain

Here's a short tutorial, how to load your wallet up with the Matic Token:


You can mint your NFTs on our site during the Initial Sale using a Metamask wallet that has MATIC token or Purchase from an Online Marketplace like the OpenSea with an ETH Wallet.

Creative. Disruptive. Principled. Organised. People-Oriented. Valuable. Stable. Futuristic. Most of all, Grants Access to the Cyberspace, Free Assets, Events, Fun & A Lot More!

Duh! How Can It Not Be?

It is on the blockchain and each transaction including the Smart Contract are cryptographically signed. It is extremely secure. However, we recommend standard security precautions.

Everything about Vexillum Treasury was built on the consideration that “People Value Value”- Do the best work with utmost confidence and technicality to provide utility and things will go well.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

  • Contemporary Art & Alphanumeric Ownership
  • Grants Access to the Dedicated Community Platform and a Futuristic Cyberspace
  • Accessory to Level Up in the Community
  • Entitles you a Free Neo Super Force Warrior (NSFW) PFP NFTs
  • Evolving Rarity & Value
  • Can double as whitelist access pass and value multiplier.

Vexillum Treasury has a collection of 9,123 Bills.

Every Vexillum Bill is part of a unique categorical concept that represents creative and sometimes mindblowing symbolism. Though some bills might be similar in some aspects they’re different in other for example: Series, Colors, Material, Quantity of Mints, Character Uniqueness, Number.

VXI Bills are distributed in traits and uniquness factor. Most of all, every bill features a unique alphanumeric sequence and that is the biggest highlight. Imagine having a unique alphanumeric code all for yourself that grants you entry to the future. There exist yet many distinctions in these categories that gives it a sense of peculiarity and individuality. The rarest of VXI Bill is a 1/1.

VXI is a denotation of Vexillum on the VXI Bill and will be in colossal use in the asset exchange.

The idea of the NFT VXI Bill is to be a proud owner of an item, and therefore, like any proud collector, one should put thought into the theme, substance and network value of the items purchased through it. Value of some Bills will exceed that of others, having an eye for the right things will be rewarding.

Vexilum Treasury doesn't commit the heinous sin of asking you stop at one. Own as many as you want!

We primarily support and highly recommend using Matic Token on MetaMask Wallet. However, you can try with other supported wallets too.

The purchased NFT is then transferred to your linked wallet.

You can buy the VXI Bills for your friend or you can transfer it to their wallet.

Subject to your continued compliance with the terms and conditions, Vexillum Treasury grants you a worldwide, royalty-free license to use, copy, and display the purchased Art, along with any extensions that you choose to create or use, solely forthe following purposes: (i) for your own personal, non-commercial use; (ii) as part of a marketplace that permits the purchase and sale of your VXI Bill NFT, provided that the marketplace cryptographically verifies each VXI Bill owner’s rights to display the Art for their VXI Bill to ensure that only the actual owner can display the Art; or (iii) as part of a third party website or application that permits the inclusion, involvement, or participation of your VXI Bill, provided that the website/application cryptographically verifies each VXI Bill owner’s rights to display the Art for their VXI Bill  to ensure that only the actual owner can display the Art, and provided that the Art is no longer visible once the owner of the VXI Bill leaves the website/application.

We try to maintain friendliness with the environment right from our contracts, protocols, designs, communications, etc. This is one of the major reasons for creating the Vexillum Treasury Project on the Polygon Blockchain.

Yes, there is. The community is members only exclusive group and rewards people more than Santa Claus. The prize just keeps increasing and developing overtime as the project grows.

There is a dedicated community platform. Visit the VTS Chambers Here.

The VXI 10 Billion is the most expensive bill. There is only one such bill in existence with a purchase price of $10,000,000.

The VXI 500,000 Bill that has 4000 Bills in existence and features a purchase price of $500.

Every Vexillum Bill is part of a unique categorical concept (series) that represents creative and sometimes mindblowing symbolism. Though some bills might be similar in some aspects they’re different in other for example: Series, Colors, Material, Quantity of Mints, Character Uniqueness, and Number.

Think of your Vexillum Bills as a ticket to the future. The alphanumeric sequence on your bill is the password to the future of cyber reality. When we debut our v2.0 of VTS Chambers, the holders of VXI Assets will have an orgasmic time!

Vexillum Treasury has only just scratched the surface of what they want to achieve by initiating the project. Whether it’s building a digital utility collectible project or developing an asset exchange for NFTs, Vexillum is always finding ways to disrupt the digital space. Its success gives rise to a whole another world of digital collectibles and assets for store of value while also creating an immersive experience to be a part of. Trade NFT for NFT, buy new digital collectibles using Vexillum Bills, establish and display your Vexillum NFTs in virtual museums specially curated by us and much more.