The Vexillum Treasury Syndicate

Vexillum Treasury Syndicate (VTS) is a Community that brings together the best of NFT Investing, Equitable Wealth Creation, DAO-led Business Practices, Fun & Entertainment, Rewards, and a vision for the future of the cyber-world. Being a member of the VTS is not all business but a lot more fun. You can play games, get paid to travel, host & attend parties, listen to music, entertain yourself, avail rewards, and so much more. With a novel vision and an unparalleled determination to grow the NFT space, the VTS is a group of extraordinary people who can change the course of the future.  There is no place you would rather be than the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate. There is no bigger glory you would rather have. The NFT assets issued by the treasury are nothing but a gateway to this glory.


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Vexillonian Levels

Vexillonian Levels are a designated determinant of your standing in the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate and your identity in the larger NFT world. They signify the status of a member in our community as well as the world overall. We believe that every member of the community is different in some form and so is their commitment to the project. In order to create an equitable society where the people are rewarded based on their commitment and belief in the project, we introduced 5 levels of being a Vexillonian Dragon. Each level is pegged to the value of your VXI assets and changes along with it. The more you own, the more you do, the more you conquer, the higher your level. The utility of this model is simple – the best man wins. We want to create a community where the best people drive the project forward while considering the vote and expectations of everyone in the community. These levels don’t just determine your status in the VXI Community but shape your identity in the NFT Space. If that’s not novel, we don’t know what is.

Vexillonian Levels

The Cyberspace of the Future

Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers (VTSC) is where all great things come to life for our community. Fun, Games, Entertainment, Conversation, Progress, Travel, and much more. The v1.0 Beta of the VTS Chambers features 9 distinctly amazing chambers, each with the power to keep you hooked for hours. A game chamber, a music chamber, a chamber for movies, a chamber full of rewards, and so much more. Being the beta release, we have kept this version of the VTS Chambers open for all. It is nothing but a small teaser of what is yet to come and why you should be excited to be a part of our community. Whether you own a VXI Asset or not, you are invited to participate in our VTS Chambers for a limited time. Why? Because we don’t just want you to know but also feel what it is like to be part of our community.


VTS Chambers is the Official Community Platform of the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate.  It is where all great things come to life. Fun, Games, Conversation, Progress, and much more.

You’re missing out on life if you haven’t experienced our chambers yet!

The Vexillum Oath

I, a Vexillonian – Dragon-in-Arm, do solemnly swear that

I shall protect my fortune with might and fury,
for all time to come, I am my judge and I am jury.

I shall see & believe beyond the volatility,
for my courage triumphs over hostility.

I shall back the power of the people,
for my future isn’t primeval.

I shall inhale and exhale fire,
for I cannot fail when life gets dire.

I shall honor my utmost allegiance,
for every Vexillonian deserves credence.

I, a Vexillonian – Dragon-in-Arm, do solemnly swear that until time reigns supreme on this planet, my blood shall be my cryptographic signature on the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate cabinet.

I, a Vexillonian, solemnly swear.