Vexillum Bills

Vexillum Bills are a collection of 9,123 Currency Bills as Contemporary Art NFTs that let’s every Vexillonian Member to be part of a community-based cyberspace – The Vexillum Treasury Syndicate Chambers. VXI bills are also an accessory to level up in the community. Leveling up in the community opens new doors of opportunities and fortunes while also giving the member a critical role for the development of cyberspace and the future of Web 3.0. Every owner of VXI bill is also promised a Neo Super Force Warrior (NSFW) NFT as per the roadmap. NSFW will be a PFP side of the project, offering a 3D rendered digital collectible depicting all unique warriors of the Vexillonian Army. Each bill is inherently unique and rare as per its denomination, series, material, featured character, sequence number, and color pattern. Imagine having a unique alphanumeric code all for yourself that grants you entry to the future. Every Denomination category, starting from 500K VXI Bills to 10BN VXI Bills is priced differently. The bills are minted as ERC-721 Token on Polygon Blockchain and are developed digitally using a hybrid technique and stored on IPFS.




Token Standard


Decentralized Storage




Creation Technique

Traits of Uniqueness

Every Vexillum Bill is part of a unique categorical concept that represents creative and sometimes mind-blowing symbolism. Though some bills might be similar in some aspects they’re different in others making each bill as unique as others and equally valuable. The uniqueness is comprised of:



Featured Character


Color & Pattern

Sequence Number

Lucifer Morningstar

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Current Supply
Total Supply
Featured Sequences

Featured Sequences

For every series and denomination in the current supply, there are certain special sequence numbers. Numbers that have a significant standing amongst the people such “010101”. Featured Sequences on bills are marked in red and in limited supply. The chance of you minting a bill with a featured sequence is as less as 1.48%. So if you get one, be sure to realize its value! It is one hell of an alphanumeric combination.

Benefits of a VXI Bill

  • Contemporary Art & Alphanumeric Ownership
  • Grants Access to the Dedicated Community Platform and a Futuristic Cyberspace
  • Accessory to Level Up in the Community
  • Entitles you a Free Neo Super Force Warrior (NSFW) PFP NFTs
  • Evolving Rarity & Value
  • Can double as whitelist access pass and value multiplier.

What Does It Take To Join Us?

Each Vexillum Bill is priced based on the denomination of the bill. Here’s a quick overview of pricing:

VXI 500,000 ~$500
VXI 1 Million ~$1,000
VXI 10 Million ~$10,000
VXI 30 Million ~$30,000
VXI 50 Million ~$50,000
VXI 100 Million ~$100,000
VXI 500 Million ~$500,000

Bill Series & Designs

Each Vexillum (VXI) Bill is a part of series of designs that can leave the best in the business awestruck. In this section, you will find out details about each series, which denominations exist and other relevant facts to help you become a proud owner of the bills.


Contemporary Humans

Current Supply: 700
No. of Variants: 4
Materials: Digital Matte & Digital Silica

Featured Sequences: 000008, 001618, 000666, 000911, 000420.

Denominations Available:

VXI 500,000 &
VXI 1 Million

This Vexillum concept is based on mankind’s futuristic vision. Although there are worrisome facts about technological modernization, together we can consciously put an effort to bring to life world-changing developments. We are creating a future where machines are not a threat to humanity but rather a helping hand in our ever-changing world. Decentralization is the first step towards bringing this change in the world and making innovation and discuss more easy and swift. Think about the Machines for a while. They are robots, and they follow the First Law but the Machines work not for any single human being, but for all humanity so that the First Law becomes: ‘No Machine may harm humanity; or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm. Displaying the Contemporary Human invokes your perspective for a new modern future that leaves all the conventional ideas behind.

Variants: Robot King, Wired Gambler, Crackhead, and Killer Lover. 

Sadist Zeus

Zombie Gods

Current Supply: 400
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Digital Matte

Featured Sequences: 000003, 002718, 000069.

Denominations Available:

VXI 500,000

The Vexilliard Supreme says, “the irony of being a zombie is that everything is funny, but you can’t smile, because your lips have rotted off.”


Zombie Gods is a concept that highlights the chaos inside every being including God. Darkness serves a purpose to show us that there is redemption through chaos. This is the basis of Greek mythology and hence, the use of God’s Features intersecting with zombies. Displaying Zombie Gods manifests your ability to find order in chaos and triumph over it. Feeling Godly Yet?

Variants: Sadist Zeus and Party Odin.

Memory Potion

Mythical Potions

Current Supply: 400
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Digital Matte

Featured Sequences: 000777, 000333, 000108.

Denominations Available:

VXI 500,000

Mythical Potions is a series full of amazement and fun. It features doses of potions with mystic powers in attractive bottles. They aren’t just attractive but also signify a bigger calling. A calling to remember something, a calling to breach boundaries of reality and much more. They are your go-to juice every morning and something you’d be proud to tell the world of. Just imagine taking a dose and never forgetting to wear a condom while expressing your carnal desires. We’d curb population explosion by a mile. 

Whether you want to feature it as your insignia or keep it enclosed it as your hidden power, it is up to you. The Mythical Potion series is everything you love about yourself and the world. Are you consuming, already? 

Variants: Forbidden Fruit Juice & Memory Potion.

Greedy Maneki

Maneki Neko

Current Supply: 133
No. of Variants: 1
Materials: Digital Matte

Featured Sequence: 000018.

Denominations Available:

VXI 500,000

A Maneki Neko is also known as the beckoning cat. Its ownership symbolizes luck and good fortune. The figurine depicts a cat, traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail, with a paw raised in a Japanese beckoning gesture. Modern Japanese superstition suggests that keeping a talisman of good fortune, such as the Maneki-Neko, in bedrooms and places of study will bring about favorable results and life successes. Because of its popularity in Chinese and Vietnamese communities (including Chinatowns in the United States), it is a great addition to many homes and metaverses.

Well, that’s not it. We added our own twists to the cat such as making it greedy and lustful. After all, we are the community of contemporary culture. So is it going on your digital wall or not?

Variants: Greedy Maneki

Woman of Wonder

Iconic Heroes

Current Supply: 300
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Digital Silica

Featured Sequence: 001010, 000314, 000007.

Denominations Available:

VXI 1 Million

Heroes are everywhere. From frontline warriors, soldiers, mercenaries to a small child trying to ride a bicycle. As the saying goes, “Heroes are not born. They’re forged in darkness.” The Iconic Heroes series is a tribute to the great heroes of our lives. Whether it is a character with an armored suit or a goddess fighting with righteousness or the boy next door with a bravery medal. Along with a tribute to their greatness, the series is also a testament to your fighting spirit. An ode to your bravery, courage, integrity, values, and heroic acts.

Possessing this series of bills is not just about having a symbol of heroism but a way to remind you that you are powerful and you can win any battle you set your heart on.

Variants: Infinity Stark and Wonder of a Woman.

Cunning Ape


Current Supply: 300
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Digital Silica

Featured Sequences: 000365, 000012.

Denominations Available:

VXI 1 Million

Humanimals Series is about a man’s connection to nature and more specifically, to animals. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature. The assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter. In times of modern globalization leading to cruelty against animals, it’s about time the world acknowledges the importance of animals and our coexistence together. God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. Humanimal displays your stance for animal welfare.

In addition to your love for animals, the series also takes a position of communicating the evolution of mind and body. 

Variants: Friendly Panda and Cunning Ape.

Warmth & Freshness

Perception Shift

Current Supply: 200
No. of Variants: 3
Materials: Digital Silica & Fibre Board

Featured Sequences: 000111, 000028, 000009, 000002.

Denominations Available:

VXI 1 Million &
VXI 10 Million

The flower growing over the eyeball characterizes wisdom over your sight. Meaning, the perception. Seeing is just a part of how we perceive the world, but not everything we see is the ultimate truth. A pearl of higher wisdom is required to actually see through things.

Each variant in the series is representative of two values that we need in our lives. Values that we must shape our perception around and let the flower of wisdom bloom. This series is for the wise, the seers, the gurus, and the amazing thought leaders of the decentralized worlds.

Variants: Freshness & Warmth, Faith & Passion, and Tranquility & Ambition.

Angel Queen


Current Supply: 100
No. of Variants: 3
Materials: Fibre Board & Binary Linen.

Featured Sequences: 000021, 000025, 000014, 000016.

Denominations Available:

VXI 10 Million &
VXI 30 Million

Chess is a game of utmost intellect. It is for those who can master the reality of 16 pieces and create a master plan for victory. The Chessmaster series is for those who love to stay ahead of the game. For, those who can afford the risk and make the move. Who do what it takes to win. It is a series for winners and strategists. For challengers and warriors and mostly for those who invest a great sum in their intellect. The series features representation chess pieces with creative additions that make it so desirable that you never want the game to end.

Variants: Axemaster Rook, Death Knight, Angel Queen.

Strynite Rock


Current Supply: 100
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Fibre Board

Featured Sequences: 000004, 000001.

Denominations Available:

VXI 10 Million

As a treasury, we mine our resources from the deep burrows of the metaverse we exist in. We find a lot things, some more valuable than other. Some with baffling abundance and some with concerning scarcity. However, every mined object tells a story. A story of the world before us, a story of who we are, a story of whe ought to be. It reflects are soul in its dusty shine and it glares back with light that enlightens the darkest of mines. With such amazing properties, we decided to make a series of bill with the wisdom and beauty of the crystals we have mined over the time. 

Each crystal in the series is representative of your deepest desires, in their true form. The hunt for love, the expectation of trust, the disgust for guilt. We have it all in and the crystal shines it backs us to enlighten the darnkess of what’s inside us. 

Variants: Strynite Rock and Rexonium Crystal.

Dark Enlightenment


Current Supply: 100
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Fibre Board

Featured Sequences: 000005, 000011, 000006.

Denominations Available:

VXI 10 Million

Revolutions have defined the history of mankinf as we know it. They disrupted evil and instilled greatness. They have created a world better than it ever was. For any great movement to succeed, the support of the people is critical. This series is not just a symbol of support for the historic movements but also a way to raise awareness. This is your way of saying what kind of a world order do you want. What change would you want to see. This is your chance to lead the change. Whether you believe in the Black Lives Matter Movement or the Pride Movement, we have a VXI bill for you to express your solidarity.

Variants: Dark Enlightenment and Proudly in Love.

Crypto Miners

Dooby Doo

Current Supply: 100
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Binary Linen

Featured Sequences: 000555, 000982.

Denominations Available:

VXI 30 Million

The Mystery Machine is symbolic of a great many things. In our dooby doo series, we created a van similar to the mystery machine but driven by a dragon instead of Dear Freddy. Our machine offers you a ride of a lifetime. Whether you are riding the crypto wave or on your way to the mars, our machine can take you there. It is as easy getting a VXI Bill and pledging your allegiance to your life’s mission along with your chauffeur and protector – the dragon.

So before you go “Zoinks!”, Let’s go “Dooby Dooby Doooo!”

Variants: Crypto Miners and Martian B*tch.

Crypto Empress

Tarot Cards

Current Supply: 100
No. of Variants: 2
Materials: Digital Cervelt with Diamonds

Featured Sequences: 000015, 000024, 000175.

Denominations Available:

VXI 50 Million

We write our own fortunes but do we really know what we are writing for ourselves? Up to now, Tarot Cards were supposed to help us prepare for what lies ahead. These playthings of the 15th Century were an easy gateway into understanding your soul’s purpose and learning more about yourself. Well, Not Anymore! Not in the decentralized world where we hold the strings of our own fate. In this decentralized world, we have a purpose, the means, and the motivation to create a future for the citizens of the world. 


To honor those who write their own fate but would love to know more about themselves, we created the decentralized tarot cards. Each telling you your fate. Each inviting you to make that your reality. Are you ready to get greedy and have your own empire?

Variants: Crypto Empress and Greedy Investor.

Mind Serpent

The Purgatory

Current Supply: 100
No. of Variants: 6
Materials: Digital Cervelt with Diamonds & Rendered Glass

Featured Sequences: 000017, 000222, 000942, 000051, 005040, 002020, 011879.

Denominations Available:

VXI 50 Million &
VXI 100 Million

Humans are full of sin. There is a place where those sins are appreciated, not punished, and washed off. Welcome to the Purgatory. The former punishment cell now serves as the cleaning mechanism for the human soul. You party with Mr. Morningstar himself, create amazing sigils and crosses, cleanse your soul with therapy, play mind games, bully, hunt, jump, drink, smoke, curse, and do anything you would like to do – GUILT FREE! Yes, that is the purgatory we have made for you. A place teeming with free will and scarce in guilt. There is more to being human than being in hell.

The series covers your trip to the purgatory and refreshes you back for the righteous, moralistic world. Everyone deserves a devilish break full of fun, don’t they? Why shouldn’t you own it then?

Variants: Hell’s Therapy Dog, Sigil of Baphomet, Lucifer Morningstar, Cuteness Hunter, Leviathan Cross, and the Mind Serpent.

Pirate King


Current Supply: 3
No. of Variants: 3
Materials: Strykanium Sheet

Featured Sequences: All.

Denominations Available:

VXI 500 Million

We have seen ghosts roam all the time in movies. They haunt houses in the middle of nowhere. They cause car accidents. They kill, scare, annoy and drive priests crazy. 

Did someone forget to inform you that there are happy-going, fun ghosts too who prefer not to creak floors and hide under children’s beds? These ghosts are found partying on the sea, doing an M&A deal, or around the corner on Christmas Eve sipping egg nog. BUT they are also found on our special VXI 500 Million Edition – embedded over refined Strykanium Sheets and full of glow and life (hehe!) 

This is the ghost you want guarding your child or your next rave party on the sea. Well, why wouldn’t you? Get them before they get too busy having fun somewhere else.

Variants: Christmas Spirit, Eternal CEO, and Pirate King.