The Vexillum Treasury

Vexillum Treasury is created by CosDec Labs who aims to turn the conventional digital space around and pave the path for newer roads. There exist many players in the NFT world now and we realize that not all of them are going to survive what is to come. Cosdec Labs is here to identify opportunities and take a fundamental yet disruptive approach to evolve and make its mark in this space and beyond. Vexillum Treasury is a project that persistently evolves and develops a common contemporary culture for crafting projects, digital infrastructure, companies, and social settlements for the world that is yet to come.

There are yet many things to come. The real vision of the project will start materializing once all Vexillum collectibles are minted. There are digital worlds to be built, new projects and inventions to be invested in, places to travel, people to meet, social organizations to assist, and much more. Hope you support and join us in this journey. Rage, Rage Vexillonians!

The Supremos

Father of Dragons

King Vexitron

CEO, CosDec Labs 

(aka The Father of Vexillonian Dragons)

Vexilliard Supreme

Vexilliard Supreme

Governor of Vexillum Treasury.

(aka The Supreme Power)

Seigneur Vexillum

Seigneur Vexillum

Trustee, Vexillum Treasury

(aka Lord of the Vexillum Manor)

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